Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are you eating enough fruits & vegetables?

Are you eating enough fresh fruits & vegetables? I know I don't...

It’s the one recommendation in almost every diet plan, every guide to nutrition, every fitness book. Even organizations such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the World Health Organization, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion agree. But as much as it’s preached, most people still don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables every day (it's recommended that you eat 5 servings EACH of RAW fresh fruit & vegetables). Juice Plus+ helps fill that gap. I've just become a Juice Plus Distributor after doing a lot of research about it. I know I don't eat enough fruits or vegetables & my kids definitely don't. I worry about that, but can now feel good about the fact that they can get all of the benefits from eating 10 servings of fresh fruits & veggies!

The HypnoBirthing Institute is now endorsing Juice Plus as well. I'm particularly impressed with the fact that they put a good share of their profits into research and development. I'm impressed with the independent, retrospective study that shows that pregnant women who were on Juice + had few incidences of low birth weight, pre-term births, next to zero pre-ecclampsia, no babies needing NICU care, and not one baby born respiratorily compromised. More studies on its effects on pregnancy and birth are in the works right now.

I'm also impressed that Dr. William Sears and the younger Drs.Sears (pediatricians) use it themselves and have all of their patients on it, and they say they never see their patients--little ones--because they don't experience the ear infections, sore throats, and usual plethora of colds and viruses.

If you'd like information about how you can purchase Juice Plus for your family, you can go to this website to learn more information about the product & the costs involved: www.AWellLivedLifeJuicePlus.com.

Also, for those of you with kids age 6+, you can receive FREE Juice Plus for your kids! All you have to do is have one adult purchase Juice Plus supplements & one child in your family will receive FREE Juice Plus supplements! How cool is that?!? Please do NOT order until you contact me to let me know you would like to participate in this program. To learn more about the Children's Health Study using Juice Plus supplements, go to: www.childrensresearch.org.

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Unknown said...

We must help the kids. I think it is possible to never have to say "eat your vegetables again." There is no doubt that the foundation of a healthy diet and weight control is the significant consumption of vegetables and fruit. Unfortunately, many adults do not like these fine foods - so we must make sure kids don’t develop these attitudes. That's why I wrote "The ABC’s of Fruits & Vegetables and Beyond.” I hope parents and teachers interested in getting kids to develop friendly feelings towards fruits and vegetables should take a look at it. Out only a few months and already being bought in quantity for class use. I wrote it for kids of different ages as it is two books in one – children first learn their alphabet through produce poems and then go on to more mature activities. It is coauthored by best-selling food writer David Goldbeck (me) and Jim Henson writer Steve Charney. HealthyHighways.com