Thursday, December 1, 2011

A HypnoFertility success story

Here is Sarah's HypnoFertility testimonial:

After delivering our first child nine weeks prematurely, followed by a miscarriage and then difficulty in conceiving again, my doctor recommended that I see Carol Yeh-Garner. She helped me see past my anxiety about having another premature baby, my grief over the miscarriage and my doubts about being able to conceive again. My sessions with Carol gave me an optimism and sense of well-being that I just didn't have before. I believe Carol played a big role in my getting pregnant with our second child by addressing and clearing away all of my negative subconscious worries.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your experience!

If you are trying to conceive and having difficulty, HypnoFertility can help you release the stress, tension & anxiety that comes along with infertility so that your body and your mind are working in harmony. HypnoFertility will help you get pregnant faster and more easily.

Please visit Carol's website at www.AWellLivedLife.Net for more information or call Carol at 858-837-1259 to schedule your FREE 1/2 hour introductory session now!


Kate said...

Wow I hadnt realised that hypnobirthing could be used in this way - but it makes perfect sense - i am sure that my overall health has improved since practicing hypnobirthing breathing techniques . Good luck!

About Carol said...

Yep...HypnoFertility is similar to HypnoBirthing in that it teaches relaxation techniques, boosts a woman's confidence in her body's ability to have a baby and uses hypnosis/deep relaxation/guided imagery to help the subconscious mind know what to do & get rid of negative emoations & unconscious blockages. Glad to hear that HypnoBirthing is still helping you!