Monday, March 3, 2008

A HypnoBirth story & youtube birth video

Here is a recent HypnoBirth story from a couple that I taught a VERY accelerated 2 day course at 38 weeks pregnant. It is told by the dad, Joshua.

Here is the link to see the youtube video of it:

Ilisa began labor at 11:30 PM Feb 2nd. Throughout the night her surges (hypno birth lingo for contractions) were anywhere from 12 minutes to almost an hour apart. We got little sleep (except for when the were an hour apart and Ilisa let me sleep 2 hours straight!).
9:00 AM Sun
In the morning Ilisa rode out most of her surges in the Tub, as per recommendation from our hypno coach, Carol, and many others. After a few hours, the surges were within the 5 min apart, 1 min long, for over an hour, so Ilisa lied in bed while I did last minute preparations for the trip to the Hospital. The Drive to the hospital was nice and relaxed. Different from what it stereotypical.
11:20 AM
Once at the Hospital, we were first taken to Triage, where many Women go home, not yet ready. In our case we were 6 cm dilated, and 90% effaced. This is further along than most make it! 12:00 PM
Then the labor and delivery room. The first curve ball was as soon as the surges got really strong, Ilisa instinctively lost her cookies (hence the tray next to her) to the pressure. Then there were so many people around and so much going on it took everything she could to remain in the hypno state. She just kept listening to her rainbow relaxation MP3's and continue with her birth breathing. We had Pat Grenada (our Doula), Paula (Ilisa's Mom), Margie S (Nurse, and wife of a Landscape Architect Ilisa knows well), and myself in the room for the entire birthing.
Ilisa was feeling so much pressure at this point, ok lets face it, it was PAINFUL! While she tried a minor sedative through the I.V., she decided to get the Epidural. The nurse contacted the Anesthesiologist, who was already in another procedure.
Ilisa was now fully dilated, no epidural yet, and her water had just finally broke. She continued to push, and now the baby was starting to really descend and the top of the head was crowning. Now you can finally hear her moan (low tones to keep the head down, and stress lower) with each major surge. At this point, the epidural was too late, so regardless of what she wanted, the baby was coming naturally. The pushing was starting in full swing....
Ilisa kept pushing and pushing, and finally Anabel Marley G was born. Just in time for the kick-off of the super bowl so Pop-Pop and Uncle Adam could get back to their game. We immediately put Anabel to the boob for skin to skin instant bonding. Ilisa did absolutely AMAZING!!! I was so proud by her and the little baby she gave us.

Note from Carol:
After watching the video, I think Ilisa did an amazing job! Even though she did have some pain, she was calm, her body remained relaxed & she vocalized in low tones to keep her cervix least in the 6 minutes of the video! But seriously, with the little bit of time she had to practice & with the help of her doula, she was able to have a natural birth & a happy, healthy mommy & baby.

Congratulations to you & thank you for sharing your birth video for all of us to see!


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