Monday, April 2, 2012

A HypnoBirthing Story -- Nick and Jamie

Nick & Jamie took Carol's HypnoBirthing classes on Tuesday evenings in September 2011 at Babies by the Sea Boutique. Here is their birth story:

Bryce William was born on Monday 11/7/11 @ 9:49pm 7lbs 10 oz 20 inches long at Pomerado Hospital. On Sunday 11/6 I woke up and thought my water broke, so my husband and I went for a long walk and did errands. That night I started having surges that got 4 minutes apart but not really uncomfortable so we called Dr. Cobb and he said it was up to us but he would be out of town tomorrow but we still had time tonight to have our baby. I kinda started to panic. I really wanted him to deliver my baby so I told my husband, Let's go to the hospital...its time. We got there. I had my birthing ball and my iPod. I was all ready to go then the nurse checked me and said my water had not broken and I was only 1 cm dilated but having good contractions, so I said I'm going home. I got really discouraged so my husband read the balloon script (fear release) over and over , till I felt OK with the fact that Dr. Cobb may not deliver me.
So I continued having surges all through the night and Monda., I just kept listening to the rainbow relaxation hypnosis script and birthing affirmations, walking, squatting and doing my sleep breathing through surges and at 2:30pm, Seaside Women's Health called me and asked how I was doing. I said, good...I'm having surges but nothing I can't talk through or handle but they are 3 minutes apart and I don't want to go back to the hospital for them to tell me I'm 4cm , so Andrea said come in and Dr. Biter will check you . At 3:30pm we saw Dr. Biter. He checked me and said, Buddy you are 9 1/2 centimeters and the only thing holding your baby in is your water bag and its bulging out like a water balloon. We were all so excited.. So they called the hospital and said we were on our way. Dr. Biter told Nick if we don't make it to call the office and he would walk him through it. I was all for it, Nick not so much.
So we drove to Pomerado in traffic and got there around 5 pm. I gave the nurse my birth plan and told her I was 9 1/2 centimeters. She asked who told me that and I said my doctor. She just gave me a look of disbelief, then she checked me and apologized and said yes you are 9 1/2 cm. I gave her my birth plan which was no drugs at all and no IV. All I had was a hep lock, but nothing ever got put in it. I listened to my relaxation CD and did my breathing while rocking on the birthing ball through each surge. The nurses were amazed how calm and quiet I was during surges and then talking and laughing with my husband and friend in between.
When I got to ten centimeters my water broke. They said I had to get the baby past my pubic bone and then I could push and that baby was sunny side up. I remembered what Carol said and I got on all fours until I had the strongest urge to push and really push. I didn't breath him down. I was trying to breath him down and my body just pushed so I went with it. I felt really strong and alert. I also felt very hot. I kept telling them to turn the air on, and my husband and friend had to fan me the entire time. There was lots of pressure and some stinging at the end. I kept visualizing him coming out . When I thought I had no more strength, I said is he out yet, they said almost. The doctor had me reach down and feel his head and I was determined to get him out and at 9:49pm Bryce was born. They put him on my tummy right away for skin to skin since his cord was very short he couldn't reach my chest. The doctor said they had to cut the cord right away because there was a tear in it, which I was bummed about. I had a small tear that required one stitch but I felt great. The doctor and nurses said I humbled them and that they were proud of me and couldn't believe all the hair he had. I can't wait for my next Hypno birth!


Congratulations, Nick and Jamie! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful story, I'm so happy to hear the HypnoBirthing techniques were so useful for you! Enjoy your babymoon!

If you are interested in taking HypnoBirthing classes in San Diego, please visit our website at www.AWellLivedLife.Net to learn more and to see the schedule for upcoming classes. Carol & Kelly teach classes in North County San Diego. If their schedule doesn't fit your schedule, please contact them and they will refer you to other local practitioners. If you are outside San Diego, CA, please visit & go to Find a Practitioner to find a class near you.


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perky said...

Oh my, that's a wonderful story. It nearly made me cry :-) I also used hypnobirthing for my dear little boy, against all arguments and skepticism from a lot of people, including my partner. But it was wonderful and I'm so glad I did it. Even the hardened midwives we have in the UK were impressed!
I used Bristol hypnobirthing teacher and she was wonderful, it helped a lot.
Well done you x