Thursday, December 20, 2012

Denise and Brian's VBAC HypnoBirthing Story

Denise and her husband took my classes on Tuesday evenings in Cardiff, a community of Encinitas in North County San Diego, in February 2012.  Here is their VBAC story:

Before labor, Denise wrote:

Considering I was supposed to get induced last night, I am doing good!  I convinced my OB over the phone to give me a couple more days because I feel I am so close.  Luckily our dates are off, she thinks I am 41 wks tomorrow, I think 42 wks as of a few days ago.  She agreed to Fri at 8am, as long as I get a NST tomorrow afternoon.  If my fluids are low then they'll send me straight to L&D, which is what I'm expecting because they've been low last few weeks at least, and also because I think I've had a slow break in water as of yesterday morning.  It's been a slow trickle ever since.  I had acupuncture on Monday which made me feel so much better but seemed to calm everything down besides the water possibly breaking.   Had more acu today and I've had steady strong cramping/contractions for the past 3 hours, but I don't want to get too excited because we end up disappointed almost nightly. I've done so much to bring labor on up till this point. I can't believe that the end is FINALLY in sight! Another day or so left...!  Thanks again and wish me luck!!  :)


We had a little boy on May 3rd! I went into labor on my own and had the VBAC I was desperately wanting!  I was scheduled to be induced the next morning but I had my 2nd acupuncture appt on Weds May 2nd and my cramps continued when I got home that afternoon and didn't stop this time. :)  We were waiting to call anyone because it'd been this way for so much of April, but when I got into the tub that night, the contractions and back labor kicked in hard and fast.  They were so intense so quickly that I couldn't get ahead of them and into the hypnotic state that I wanted.  My doula came and she and Brian half carried me to the car immediately...I was yelling instead of relaxing! :(  So I immediately got the epidural when I could because I arrived at the hospital at 6.5 cm dilated and felt I couldn't handle another second of the pain.  I think that if it wasn't for the back labor, things could have been different.  But I'm still so happy for the VBAC, I loved the experience otherwise, and I felt enough when he was in the birth canal and born that I feel the epidural was the perfect amount.  I am still so glad for the HypnoBirthing training to get me through the last few months and especially that night of labor.  I have to say that UCSD staff were really great. They even tried to talk me out of the epidural at first!  but they were quick to offer drugs instead which I definitely didn't want.  The one nurse was a little too intense though and kept getting upset with me that I wasn't doing the purple pushing that you had talked about.  So I felt forced to push this way and did have some tearing, but his heart rate was dropping a little and they were so concerned about that of course that I wanted to do whatever I had to in order to stay off the operating table for another c-section.  Anyways, I pushed for an hour and he was born at 8:04am.  The sun was shining thru our labor room window, which was really nice. :)   Anyways, thanks for all of your information, I was much more informed and excited about the end of pregnancy and labor thanks to you! 


Congratulations! I'm so happy that you got the VBAC you wanted and that the classes helped you feel more prepared- that is always my goal! I hope you are continuing to enjoy your babymoon!

For more information on Denise’s doula, Mary Schlegel

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