Thursday, October 30, 2008

A HypnoBirthing testimonial

This is a testimonial/birth announcement from one of my past class members...

Hello Carol!
Well Chloe decided to show up on the 10/17 around 6 pm..after 16 hours of labor! I would like to share our birthing story with other HypnoBirthing parents so they are reassured that no matter what happens during their birthing experience as long as they keep an open-mind it will be a wonderful experience!

I had been getting regular surges for the last 2 weeks before the big day, even though they seem strong my cervix stayed at 1 cm for over 2 weeks! On 10/16 my doctor told me that she wanted to induce me in 4 days!! ( I was at 41 weeks)..I remember crying that night thinking about all the bad side effects of inducing a baby!!! My wonderful husband was very reassuring and took me out for dinner to distract me ...... the same night my water broke...I could not believe it!!! So many worries and tears for NOTHING!

I had we knew that the doctor wanted us in the hospital right away to start the Penicillin IV.... Jerry and I decided to stay at home and labor peacefully until 6 am... we arrived at Mary Birch Hospital around 6:20, went thru our room after 1 hour... within 30 minutes I was hooked both on Penicillin and regular IV...the hospital policy was to keep the baby heart monitor on at all time...and the blood pressure monitoring was on my arm.... with all those cables on me I felt that I was a lab monkey!!...( and this feeling was only going to get worst since they later added the epidural IV and bladder catheter)

Around 10 am I was checked at 3 cm... with very strong surges lasting up to 55 seconds and only one minute apart...... I was very tired and was not able to rest enough between the surge...the amniotic liquid was getting low and putting the life of the baby at risk... after declining all pain medication ( the nurse keep asking every 45 minutes or so if I wanted any medication to take the edge off) and Pitocin for the last 10 hours...Jerry and I decided to get the epidural and the pitocin ... at this point I had been in labor for over 11 hours.... the pain was pretty intense and it seems that all strength was drained out of my body.... Within 5 hours of the pitocin and epiridural ... I gave birth! A beautiful birth!!!

I used HypnoBirthing techniques during the 16 hours of labor....The balloon breathing and the blue ribbon picture worked wonderfully for me...going deep inside and picturing the baby coming and my cervix opening like a flower were very helpful as well.

I am very proud of how Jerry and I worked as a team, everything went peacefully and smoothly! Chloe is such a very calm and content baby.

I wish all Carol's couples a beautiful and easy birth experience!! A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Carol for the HypnoBirthing lessons and continuous and caring support even after the classes were over!


Thanks for sharing your story, Emma, & congratulations on the birth of your baby!


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