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What the founder of HypnoBirthing says about Juice Plus

What Mickey Mongan, the founder of HypnoBirthing, says about prematurity, nutrition & Juice Plus:

The Number 1 Cause of Newborn Deaths in America

And what about the other late-term complications?

Let's talk about Phytonutrients

Do you know that more than 17% of newborns die because they were born too early. The shocking and little known fact is that one in every eight babies is born too soon, many so small and frail that they are not able to fight the good fight for survival. The last two decades has seen an increase in pre-term births to a startling figure as high as 31%. We're talking about almost one third of our babies; and, yet, the main stream public and the medical people who serve it have very little knowledgeable about how pregnant women can possible avert having this tragic event occur in their birthing experiences. Other undesirable, and sometime times critical late-term conditions, include toxicity, pregnancy-induced hypertension, suspected pre-eclampsia, early release of membranes, low-birth weight and intrauterine growth restriction--conditions that strike a woman only when she is pregnant. Conditions that the obstetrical world should be able to anticipate and prevent in many cases, but it's not happening. Instead, the recommendation is to see that the baby is born as soon as is practicable. Because the treatment of choice among health care providers is often bed rest and medication, these conditions can be debilitating for the pregnant woman, and usually the treatments are stop-gap measures rather than cures. As soon a the baby is believed to be developed enough to be born, inducement, often leading to other interventions, is recommended. The good news is that there are many who believe that this loss of infant lives and the hazards of pre-term complications can be avoided.

The late Dr. Thomas Brewer, noted author, was one of these people, and he devoted a large portion of his life to forwarding the theory that food is the best prescription in treating late term complications, but his theory on the absolute importance of food in pregnancy health care was largely brushed aside by the medical world until early 2000. In that year, an obstetrician in Mississippi, recognized that a few of his patients were consuming three portions of fruits and four portions of vegetables. He recommended a fruit/vegetable powder product (FVJP), and it soon became apparent that he was seeing something very encouraging within his obstetric practice. Many of his patients were not experiencing these late-term complications.

Recognizing that the parents of Doug Odom who reported taking a specific fruit and vegetable powdered product (FVJP) capsules, were experiencing fewer obstetric complications as compared to other women served by the same practice, a study at the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center at Mississippi University in Jackson was conducted. The study identified 178 women within the practice who reported taking the product between January 2000 and December 2002 as Group I. Group II was made up of 178 women, who had not taken the product. They were selected from the next consecutive birthing women, matching Group I women by age, parity, ethnicity, and prior preterm birth history. Hospital records were reviewed by a technician and verified by a hospital physician. The results showed that gestational age for Group I women was one week longer than Group II women. No Group I women birthed before 37 weeks, as compared to 35 in Group II. No instances of preeclampsia were noted in Group I, as compared to 38, in Group II. No babies of Group I moms were admitted to the NICU, while 17 with neonatal respiratory distress were admitted from Group II. No moms in Group I gave birth to low-birth-weight babies. The average weight for babies in Group I was 7 lbs 11.7 oz. Oxidated stress has been linked to the development of pre-term labor, as well as low-birth weight, premature release of membranes, and preeclampsia. In a separate study, not restricted to pregnant women, it was found that FVJP capsules taken regularly showed a reduction in oxidative stress in the body. It can be inferred from this study that pregnant women would benefit from a reduction of undesirable obstetric outcomes.

Based on these results, the medical world is taking note of the importance of food for pregnant women. A major randomized, prospective study is currently being conducted on FVJP. The information on the University of Mississippi study was reported in the JANA Research Report and presented at the 70th Annual Meeting of the Central Assn. of Obstetrician and Gynecologists in San Diego in October of 2003 by a group of seven doctors who had participated in the study.

How does this relate to HypnoBirthing?

I think that is obvious. It was this study and a presentation by Dr. William Sears that drew me to Juice Plus (FVJP) initially when I knew nothing about this food product. If these findings show that we can help our moms toward healthier eating and a healthier pregnancy, I want to be there when the rest of the world catches up with this. Why am I personally excited about FVJP, or Juice Plus? Because, like Dr Sears, I feel that it helped me maintain my level of strength and energy two years ago, when a medical condition caused me to be unable to hold little, sometimes nothing, down for a period of over a year. I lost weight, but was never unable to maintain my same level of productivity or travel and teaching. Most people never even knew I was experiencing this.

Now, I see an opportunity to help you while you help HypnoBirthing. As you know we are launching a documentary of major proportion. It takes a lot of funds to do this. Our goal is to raise nearly $90,000. The title of the film is, "Taking the Birthing World by Calm." The purpose of the film is not to expose everything that is bad out in the birthing world, but rather to showcase all that is good. We are making heroes and champions out of the doctors who do line up on our side. Their testimonies are wonderful. We intend to show families what they can aspire to in birthing, and to help bring about an awareness on the part of those in the medical field who do not suffer from psychosclerosis but who just have never realized that doctors are making a difference in the shift toward gentle, calm birthing.

We are asking you to help yourself and your family (gummies for kids) and the parents you serve by coming on board with the Juice Plus HypnoBirthing Team. (all moneys currently derived are being directed to the documentary fund--I receive nothing.) The Institute Documentary Fund will receive, bonuses from all of your activity, even if you subscribe only for yourself and your children. This is a great way to help fund this project and at the same time save you money on doctor bills, as you realize the health benefits of this great food product. Please think abut all the good you can do by affiliating with the HypnoBirthing Team of Juice Plus. Think of the babies you can help come into the world who may not have to suffer with the effects of these late term complications. Some will ask, "Is it ethical to be telling our parents about this study?" I ask, "Is it unethical to have this knowledge and not do what you can to help make it work for families (yours included) and birthing parents?" I believe it is.

Make it a point to contact Carol Yeh-Garner (www.AWellLivedLife.Net) and find out more about how you can become a wholesale member of the HypnoBirthing Team. You'll be helping your family, the HypnoBirthing Documentary Fund, and, at the same time, help the birthing mothers of the world.

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