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Hi everyone-
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so excited to have this venue to share the information that comes across my desk....things about natural birth, HypnoBirthing, holistic living, attachment parenting, organic products, info about parenting a newborn & toddler, etc.

For my 1st blog, I'd like to post some testimonials from some of my HypnoBirthing clients. Here they are:

"I couldn't believe how wonderful my birth was! To give birth to the first child in two and a half hours?! Without pain relief?! In a darkened, calm room, without forced pushing, nobody who takes my baby away? No stitches? I could not have thought about a better birth for myself. It was the best experience in my life and I am looking forward to doing it all over again. To birth with happiness and joy was amazing!"~ Mareike K. 1st time mom, Midwife in Europe & delivered over 200 babies, Oceanside, CA.

"We feel blessed to have been able to successfully VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), and to have accomplished our goal primarily due to relaxation techniques and the confidence I gained in our HypnoBirthing classes with Carol." ~Katrina & Mike V., 2nd time parents, San Marcos, CA.

"HypnoBirthing was really amazing! It was a great experience...I wouldn't have been able to have a 67 hour completely natural birth without HypnoBirthing. I still had some lingering doubts beforehand, but once labor started, I was able to relax & even sleep between surges in the beginning of labor! When labor got more intense, I was able to remember what Carol had taught me & I was able to stay in the moment & not get overwhelmed. The midwives at UCSD were amazed too & said they had never seen anyone like me--smiling & talking while I was pushing. Our baby is a really mellow baby & very alert. I highly recommend taking Carol's classes & using the UCSD Birth Center." ~ Kristin, 1st time mom, San Diego, CA.

"I will be honest, and tell you I was very scared of the birthing process. When I had my son two years ago, I had an epidural. Although, it was a beautiful birth, I felt I needed to research what would be best for my next baby. When I heard about HypnoBirthing, I knew it was for me. The classes taught me that my fears would affect my birthing experience, whether I had an epidural or not. I knew I wanted to have a peaceful birth. I was empowered by what I learned in Carol’s HypnoBirthing classes. I was so committed to having a peaceful birth that I changed my OB & our hospital in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. When I went into labor with my daughter the tools I learned in class helped me to stay calm. I had her in three hours. I did not scream once. After her birth, my doctor and my husband said I made it look so easy. I was humming through the surges. I will always be grateful for the tools I learned in Carol’s HypnoBirthing classes that empowered me to face my fears. I want to thank you for the support you have shown me and all the resources you have given us. We are very grateful. ~Susan & Miguel N., 2nd time parents, San Marcos, CA.

"In between contractions, I was in such a calm state, the most relaxed I'd been in months! I heard the ocean waves (cd) in the background and the smell of the massage oil that they (my husband & doula) were using on my back and I almost felt like I was at the spa. The HypnoBirthing techniques I learned helped me stay focused on keeping all other muscles relaxed, to focus on each contraction & not "freak out about the whole thing" & to trust my body & my instinct. This helped a ton. Overall it went just as planned. Our daughter is healthy and beautiful and such a calm baby. Thank you for all of your help!"~ Corinne H., 1st time mom, San Diego, CA. (Corinne only attended 2 classes because she went into labor!)

"Hypnobirthing was invaluable to my birthing process. I was able to stay calm and relaxed throughout the entire birth ensuring that I delivered my little girl with ease and without intervention or drugs. I got exactly the birth I wanted thanks to all the care, attention and wisdom that Carol provided."~Jane P. 2nd time mom Encinitas, CA. (Jane took an accelerated 2 day course after feeling like the other non-hospital childbirth education class she was taking didn’t remove the fear she had regarding this birth.)

"Watching Jane’s HypnoBirth was like watching nature in full glory…totally relaxed mom & a peaceful, calm birth. It was one of the most beautiful births I have ever seen,"~ Dee Nipper, Doula to over 400 births.

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