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An 11 lb baby's HypnoBirthing story

This is another birth story from a former class member. She had an 11 lb 4 oz baby completely naturally without any medical interventions! It really pays to have the knowledge of HypnoBirthing combined with an excellent team.

Here's Sean's birth story:

The birth of my son Sean was the most amazing and empowering experience. I went into labor at about 8:30pm on Friday night (I was probably in labor before that but just so calm about it that I didn't notice). I believe our doula arrived at our house around 10pm that evening, and I arrived at the UCSD Hospital (specifically their Birth Center) at 11:30pm that evening and was 4cm dilated. I immediately wanted to use the tub when I arrived at the Birth Center. While the tub was being filled, I found an amazing amount ofc omfort in using their shower - my husband operated the shower head spraying my back and stomach. I thought we were in there for about 20 minutes, but my husband and doula recall being in the shower for at least 1 1/2 hours - amazing how time slips while in labor.
We discovered that my son was also behind my pelvic bone which created a lot of discomfort in my back, so I was instructed to do some lunge-like exercises during the "surges. I used the tub when it was ready, and found that I was able to easily relax in the tub between surges. During surges I would kneel in the tub and hold onto my husband for comfort. I was surprised by the amount of pressure I felt during the surges.
I felt the need to push at about 3:30am on Saturday morning which was four hours after we arrived at the Birth Center. I tried various positions, including standing, squatting and side lying. I was resistant to pushing on my back, but found that was actually the most comfortable and effective.
I "purple pushed" to get him through the birth canal, but when it came time to get his head out, I used birth breathing. I was told that I exhibited a great amount of control during that time. It was of course important to be in control to protect my perineum. Although I had a second degree laceration, I believe had I not done the birth breathing, it could have been a lot worse.
Looking back I can say it is ideal to be surrounded by supportive people. I feel very fortunate to have had the support of my husband, doula, nurse and midwife. Their continued encouragement was amazing.
Following the delivery, Sean was immediately taken to the NICU due to fluid in his lungs. Prior to being taken to the NICU, my doula insisted that I have the opportunity to see and hold him. He was placed next to me already swaddled (which is not what I had envisioned since I wanted skin-to-skin contact right away). Although he was crying when he was placed next to me, he stopped crying when I started talking to him - I am sure it was due to hearing a familiar sound among the chaos. That was probably the most incredible moment of my life. He was so beautiful.
It wasn't until Sean was in the NICU that I learned he weighed 11 pounds 4 ounces. They initially measured him as 21.5 inches, but my husband asked that he be re-measured since he seemed a lot longer. His true measurement was 23 inches.
I was so amazed that I gave birth to an 11 pound baby without intervention. We were the talk of the hospital! From the moment Sean was born, he has been incredibly calm and interactive. A true joy and pleasure to have in our lives.
I think the best lesson I learned is that it is important to have a vision of the labor and to surround yourself with people who support that vision. I was met with a lot of skepticism when I decided I wanted to have a drug free birth. My OB at the time also seemed skeptical of this decision. Because of that, I decided to go on a search for a new OB/midwife at 30 weeks of pregnancy, which was extremely stressful. I truly believe had I stayed with my original OB, I would have been pressured to give birth by c-section since he was a larger baby and he was initially behind my pelvic bone. Additionally, I think it is important to also be flexible because the labor, delivery and/or postpartum period may take some unexpected turns.
Please feel free to share this as it will hopefully give those people who want to have a drug free birth the knowledge that it is a great experience, even if others question the decision.

More background info:
When we first went to your class we were at Scripps La Jolla and in search of a new OB. We met with an OB, but she induced with Cytotec, so I wasn’t the biggest fan), another two doctors who I can’t remember, and then Rebecca Lesser (CNM) at UCSD. I definitely appreciated the approach in the birth center there. I can say they were so incredibly supportive, not only during the birth, but afterwards as well.
My doula was Leigh Fenly (link to her website: I would highly recommend her. She didn’t have experience with hypnobirthing, but went out and bought the book. She was very, very comforting and reassuring through the entire labor and postpartum period.
Please feel free to post in your yahoo group and on your blog. I want people to know that even a large baby can be delivered without intervention.
Thank you for all of your knowledge and support as well!

Congratulations Lauren & Jesse! Enjoy your babymoon!


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