Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An unplanned HypnoBirth of a midwife

From another HypnoBirthing instructor in Singapore:
I met Sarah at NUH when I was invited to speak at the O&G Nurses conference. Sarah is a midwife in the labour ward and was in charge of organising the speakers.
She loved the concept of HypnoBirthing and registered in December for the March sessions. She and her hubby have been pleasantly surprised with the class and have taken to it like ducks to water.
She left a message today to call her and she would not be making the class (class 4 of 5). When I called back, she said she gave birth last night at 36+ weeks.
About 7:30 last night she noticed she was leaking a bit of fluid and was not quite sure if it was amniotic fluid or not. At 8:30 her surges started at 5 minutes apart and quickly went to 2-3 minutes apart. She called for her husband to come home and her mother to come for her 3 year old. At 9:15 she was calmly directing her helper to grab towels to bring to the couch in the living room andher mom arrived just in time to wrap the baby! She had a one hour labour!!
She was over the moon with the birth and full of praises for HypnoBirthing. She said she remained calm throughout her unplanned homebirth and directed everyone as to what needed to be done. She received her baby into her own loving hands =). Her baby girl was 2.6kg.

Di Bustamante, CH, HBCE, CD (CBI)
Singapore in affiliation with the HypnoBirthing Institute

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