Monday, May 21, 2012

Jennifer's Second HypnoBirth

Jennifer came to see Carol for a private refresher class session in January at Carol's office in Encinitas, North County San Diego, after taken Carol’s HypnoBirthing classes for baby #1. She was dealing with some fear and concerns about a repeat of the difficulties she had with baby #1 and breastfeeding issues she had with her first as well. Here is her birth story that she has graciously share with us:

I was due January 12. The guess date came and went as I expected it would. The next week came and went as I expected it would. I then made an appointment for acupuncture for labor induction on January the 19th. I woke up Thursday morning, the 19th, at 4 a.m. with mild surges every 15 minutes or so, but they stopped after 3 hours. I went to the acupuncture appointment. I had a few surges on and off during the day, but nothing regular or strong. My mom happened to be down already, so Adam and I spent the day together while Henry, our son, played with his grandma. We went out to lunch, and 3 random waitresses came up to me and said, "when WERE you due?"

I tried to sleep a little during the day, but it was difficult because I really wasn't feeling well... I had surges here and there, back cramps, and mild nausea all day. I communicated with Donna my doula throughout the day. That night, I planned to take a Tylenol PM and go to bed to get some rest, then take some blue cohosh in the morning, which was sure to kickstart things. At about 10:30 p.m., I realized I was having regular surges every 15 minutes. I got in the bathtub at around 11, and strong contractions started immediately, lasting up to 2 minutes, and 1 minute apart. We called my doula after 30 minutes, and she came over. When she checked me (she is a RN), I was already at a 6 in dilation. I was so surprised because I really wasn't that uncomfortable. I was able to handle the surges really well. We decided, though, that since I had a half hour drive and this was my 2nd baby, it was time to go to the hospital! I also didn't want to be in the car if I started to get really uncomfortable.

I thought this birth would go really quickly since I had gone from 0 to a 6 in 1 hour, but alas, as soon as I got to the hospital, I stalled again in transition (just like with Henry) with surges double peaking and lasting 2 minutes long. I stayed in transition for 6 hours (argh!!!), and almost gave up. I was walking and doing lunges in the hall, doing lunges on a chair, getting in all different positions trying to get the baby in the right position. I gave it one last try and got in the shower, hoping it would help me relax. After a half hour, I came out and was completely dilated! Yay!!!! I was definitely ready to push. All I had to do was wait for my awesome OB (Dr. Cobb) to get there (longest 10 minutes of my life!). As soon as he got there I started pushing, and 5 pushes later, baby was out. The delivery was so much easier than with Henry! I couldn't believe it when Dr. Cobb put Ruby on my chest because it seemed so quick! I had only a tiny little tear which I really haven't felt (thank you Dr. Cobb!). SHE was here:
Friday, Jan 20 (8 days “late”)

6:46 a.m.

8 lb 3 oz, 20.5 in
This whole birth experience was so much easier than my first. The labor was faster and much more tolerable, the delivery was so much smoother, and recovery has been a lot faster. (And my milk came in on day 2, hallelujah!) I owe that all to my awesome team--Donna my doula, Dr. Cobb, and you, Carol. Thank you so much for the preparation and helping me to get rid of the fear I had!

Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your birth story and congratulations on your daughter, Ruby! I am thankful to hear that everything went smoothly and that your HypnoBirthing techniques came in handy! We hope you are enjoying your time with your daughter!

If you are interested in Jennifer’s care provider, Dr. Damon Cobb, D.O. you can call his office at Poway Women’s Care: (858) 618-3314

The information for Jennifer’s Doula, Donna Hayes, you can contact her:

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