Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A HypnoBirthing announcement--Danielle & Evan

Danielle & Evan took my classes early in their pregnancy in March/April of 2010 at Babies by the Sea Boutique. Their care provider was Dr. Biter, but since he didn't have OB privileges, they decided to have a homebirth.

Here is their birth announcement:


Evan & I are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Violet. She entered peacefully into the world via beautifully successful home water birth on July 14th at 2:20pm {after only 10 hours of labor!} It's hard to believe our little angel is already four weeks old- where does the time go?

Thank you for giving us the confidence to have our dream birth experience. We are eternally grateful.

Danielle & Evan S
Tuesday class @ Babies by the Sea, March 2010

Here are some pictures from their birth:

Danielle having surges in the birth pool with Evan supporting her:

Danielle receiving her baby:

Danielle relaxed after the birth:

Evan cutting the umbilical cord:


Congratulations to you! Enjoy your babymoon & thank you for sharing your birth announcement & pictures of your birth experience! I look forward to being able to share your birth story soon!

All my best--Carol


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A HypnoBirthing announcement--Kristie & Michael

Kristie & Michael took my classes on Tuesday nights at Babies by the Sea Boutique in May/June of 2010.

Here is the email that they sent me to announce the birth of their baby:

Eggroll M (we actually don't have a name yet, so referring to him as his in name in utero) was born on July 8 at 3:45 pm. EVERYTHING went just as you said it would-so perfectly. We were completely prepared and excited, not scared at all! 6 lb 7 oz 19 inches. Honestly Carol, we know we couldn't have done this without you. We feel so empowered and special to have been able to have the birth experience we wanted. More details to follow, as we would love to share our incredible story with others.
smiles and hugs, Kristie and Michael M.


Thanks so much for letting me know how your birth went! I'm glad that it went so well & look forward to hearing/reading your birth story. Thanks for letting me share your announcement. Enjoy your babymoon!

All my best--Carol


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