Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Quit Smoking Testimonial

Jennifer, a former HypnoBirthing client of mine, contacted me recently because she was interested in using hypnosis to quit smoking. She had smoked on & off since college and had quit when she was trying to get pregnant. She was able to stop easily for that, but pretty soon after she stopped breastfeeding, she started smoking again but only at night. She found that smoking a cigarette at night after her child went to bed was relaxing. She would also enjoy smoking a cigarette as she worked on her computer at night. She recently got a job in Orange County and smoked on her drive up and back. She was nervous about this new job and not feeling as confident as she wanted. She had to do more public speaking than she was used to so as she drove up to Orange County, she would get increasingly more anxious and want/need to smoke.

We scheduled a 2 1/2 hour session and discussed her issues. She felt that she was committed to quitting, but just didn't see how since it was such a calming, relaxing habit. She also described herself as not being able to sleep well and that she wasn't able to relax well.

Here's her email to me after our session:


I did it! I made it through yesterday without so much as a craving.  

The last few days have been eye-opening. For one, I never realized how detrimental my opposing thoughts were to my success. On the one hand, I'd think, "I have to quit," then on the other, I'd think, "I'm young, there's plenty of time to quit in the future."  Now, I "cancel-cancel" the negative thoughts, and this is working wonders. Sometimes just focusing on canceling the bad thoughts is distraction enough for me to forget about smoking. I've found myself in the car for 30 minutes before I even think about smoking. And even then, the thought is, "Wow, I would've had two by now," and not, "Wow, I want one."

I also can't get over how confident I've felt since our session. I arrived at my job yesterday and didn't feel anywhere near the level of anxiety I normally feel.

Overall, I feel very relaxed. I've been napping everyday, something I've never managed to do, and your CD has helped me get 7-9 hours of sleep at night. Small things for most people, but big feats for me. I've been joking with Doug that I may need to schedule another session so you can bring back some of my anxiety! I'm just not used to being this calm; I'm used to operating under much greater (and self-induced) stress levels. Waking up fearless is foreign to me. A friend of mine, someone I speak to almost everyday, says I sound different, more at ease. I know this is a positive thing, but it's something I need to get used to. I'm waiting around for - bracing myself for - those old anxious feelings and I need to get used to the idea that they may never return at the intensity I used to experience before. I've relied everyday on Bach remedies for anxiety, and since our session, I've gone without.

There's something I forgot to mention in our session. Lately, I've been having a great deal of joint pain.  It's been going on for maybe two years, and in recent months, it's gotten quite bad. The doctors think it may be rheumatoid arthritis, but the tests so far have been inconclusive. I've been taking medication for the pain, daily, and since our session, I've been getting by on far less. Half as much does the trick now and I'm optimistic about finding more holistic approaches to treatment. This has been a surprising added bonus.

I am still working on my affirmations, and I would love to send them to you once I'm finished. I'm thinking of laminating a small card and keeping it one in my wallet and another in the visor of my car. I don't remember all of what you said during our session, but the visual of plucking the cigarettes out of images from life stayed with me. In fact, I used that visual to pass the time on my drive yesterday. Also, I keep thinking about an object controlling me, how sad that is. And 70 minutes of my day (7 cigarettes takes 70 minutes to smoke) - that's what I need to manage.

Please forgive the length of this email. All of this is to say, thank you. I truly believe something miraculous has happened, and I have you to thank.


Here's my response back to her:

Wow Jennifer! That's so awesome! I love that hypnosis filters into all parts of the subconscious mind that want help and makes huge and lasting changes! I'm so happy for you that you've been so successful and have noticed so many changes occur from just one session of hypnosis!

The changes will just keep getting more enhanced now that your subconscious mind knows what you want it to do. Just stay aware of your thought process and "cancel, cancel" anything that doesn't fit into your image of what you want to be and how you want to feel.

The changes you've felt physically are probably due to stress reduction. Arthritis and pain issues can be very challenging, but when the mind is able to relax and the body is able to relax, the body is able to heal itself. I'm so glad that you're feeling better and having to take less medication.

I'd be happy to take a look at your affirmations once you're done with them. Great idea about keeping one in your wallet and one in the car. Eventually you won't need them and you can replace them with other affirmations about your life!

I'm thrilled you are having so much success just from one session! I appreciate you giving me the credit, but really, YOU did it! I was there to help your mind figure out what it needed to do and then it was all you! Be very proud of your success!

All my best,

Here's Jennifer's response:
I love what you said in your email, "...hypnosis filters into all parts of the subconscious mind that want help and make huge and lasting changes!
It reminded me - I came home from our session and immediately fell asleep. I was exhausted, and I think that's a testament to how immediate the results are - I was finally able to relax.
I agree, people should know how effective hypnosis is!
Thanks so much, Jennifer, for sharing your success story! It's amazing what hypnosis can do! 

If you or someone you know would like to quit smoking and are interested in setting up a session with Carol, please contact her at 858-837-1259 or via her website at www.AWellLivedLife.Net. One session (2 1/2 hours) is all it takes if you're really wanting to quit. You don't have to believe you can do'll get there after our session.

Carol is available for sessions in her office in Encinitas, through Skype or over the phone.