Thursday, December 12, 2013

I love to Naked Clean

No, no...get your minds out of the gutter, please!

Naked Clean is a local cleaning company that is awesome! 

First off, if you know me, you know that I'm really into natural, alternative, organic stuff. I first learned about Naked Clean years ago when I first started teaching HypnoBirthing classes. I was putting together my resources page for my website & I came across Naked Clean. Of course, the name gets you at first, but what they do is really interesting!

Naked Clean uses PRO-BIOTIC cleaners! What does that mean? Here's what they say on their website: 
"Our Probiotics clean at the microscopic level because there is simply a larger quantity of the good guys preventing the bad guys from over-taking the environment. This is called “competitive exclusion”—microbes fighting it out for survival by attempting to crowd-out one another. Our Probiotics give you that competitive edge you need to keep a clean and healthy home.
And our patented Probiotic cleaners will keep on working up to 72 hours AFTER we clean your home." 
How cool is that?!?
Here's more info from the Naked Clean website: 
"Bio-film—the germs secret hiding place.
If you’re like most people, you’ve probably have never heard of bio-film. It’s like a microscopic city full of bad stuff. Bio-film is on almost all surfaces that are somewhat wet and warm, including on our teeth as plaque. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) believes that 65% of certain types of infections in hospitals are a result of diseases (e.g. H1N1, MRSA, Staph, E.coli), which live and hide in bio-film. But here’s the real kicker—bio-film cannot be removed with any cleaning products including acids. Not even the strongest disinfectant can penetrate its hard crust-like layers. It’s an armor-plated home for germs to live.
The picture you see here is bio-film magnified many times by an electron microscope. You can actually see the microorganisms under the bio-film.

When you eliminate the bio-film, germs and especially viruses have no place to live and reproduce, so they die. Viruses ‘outside’ a bio-film can only survive for a very short time, so removing bio-film is very helpful for a healthy home.
Our Probiotics are proven to significantly remove bio-film as this is also their food!"
Did you know about Bio-Film? I didn't before this!  GROSS!
So, full disclosure here...I got an offer from San Diego Bargain Mama's Stacey Ross who was doing some marketing for Naked Clean. They wanted to offer me a free cleaning (3 hours--which means one hour with three maids--three total hours, but since there were three maids, each maid had a one hour allotment of time). How could I refuse?
Well, it took me a long time to finally get my schedule to the point where I could actually get a housecleaning in. When I finally did call to schedule my cleaning, they were able to fit me into their schedule within a few days. My family did the usual pick-up beforehand so the Naked Clean maids wouldn't have all of our clutter to deal with.
The maids came and asked what areas I'd like them to focus on. I figured the kitchen and the master bathroom/bedroom would be good places and given the fact that I only had them for one hour, that'd give them enough time. They were courteous, polite & quiet while they worked. 
There was one maid that worked in the kitchen and two maids that worked in the master bathroom/bedroom. I'm not sure how they did it (must be that amazing probiotic cleaner), but our shower doors were completely clear--crystal clear! They got a lot done in an hour!
I decided to pay them for an extra hour so that they could dust the entire house. (We hate dusting!) They used cloths that had the probiotic cleaner on them, which apparently leaves the probiotic micro-organisms on the surface. Apparently, those probiotics love to eat dust mites, which is great because we all have allergies to dust mites!
I was impressed with the fact that they not only cleaned those two areas of my house to a cleaner level than I've ever gotten it to plus dusted the entire house in a very short time. I also loved the fact that they put things back generally in the same place they were so that we didn't have to search for where things disappeared to or have to deal with a lot of time spent putting everything back in place.
So, all in all, I was REALLY impressed! The prices are really reasonable much so, that we are thinking of making a monthly cleaning a regular part of our budget! And I love that they're using a really natural, safe product!
I'd HIGHLY recommend their service. Please contact them for more information:
Naked Clean 760-720-3830