Sunday, December 30, 2007

My New Year's Wish for you


The new year brings opportunities to reflect on the past year & to look forward to the new year. I want to wish you all a new year filled with health, wealth, love, happiness, laughter, beauty, friendship, business, joy & peace.

My gift to you:
I found this amazing online exhibit about Dr. Masuro Emoto's work about the wisdom of water. It is a testament to what you learned in HypnoBirthing...that what you think creates the reality in your body. Since we are 70% water, it makes sense that what we think affects the molecules within our bodies. For pregnant mommies, create your own birthing affirmations! For new mommies & daddies, make up your own affirmations about life as a new parent. For everyone else, create your own daily affirmations with positive intentions!

Make those water molecules in your body into beautiful ones!


Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

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