Friday, February 1, 2008

Advocate for California Public Education


Public education in California is at risk yet again...thanks to Gov. Schwarzenegger. My husband is a 1st grade teacher at a wonderful school. The district has been able to keep 1st through 3rd grade down to 20 children per class. This is only ONE of the things that will be jeopardized by the Governer's decision if it passes. PLEASE sign the petition & contact your local representatives to let them know that you do not agree with the Governer's proposal. Here is more information:

Governor Schwarzenegger proposed a suspension of the minimum school funding guarantee, Prop 98. That funding currently constitutes more than 70 percent of total K-12 funding in the state of California.
Such suspension equals a $4.8 billion cut to the California state's public schools.
Quality education is the most valuable asset for present and future generations. Achieving it requires a strong commitment from everyone, including governments, teachers, parents and students themselves.
Today we are down to the bare walls. So what we stand to lose is drastic.
If you are concerned by public education and our schools in California, please click here to sign our petition today. In addition, another way to get our representatives' attention so Prop 98 does NOT get suspended is to call/email them directly.
Thank you,
Laure Pichon. Carnahan
PS- After signing the petition, please urge your friends and family to sign the petition and join the movement from anywhere in California, today.

Copy & paste this link so you can sign the petition:


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