Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More proof that vaccines are dangerous

Primates Given Vaccines Develop Symptoms of Autism(http://www.nationalautismassociation.org/)
Please note: This study was presented at a scientific meeting. All authors and organizations associated with this study are withholding comment until publication. All quotes in this release have been taken from the study abstracts presented at IMFAR.

National Autism Association Statement

A new landmark study from Dr. Laura Hewittson of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine further substantiates a vaccine link to the autism epidemic. Dr. Hewitson reported at IMFAR that monkeys given the same vaccine schedule of US children developed symptoms of autism. “Dr. Hewitson and a respected team of scientists have filled in a missing piece of the vaccine injury – autism puzzle,” Scott Bono, Chairman of the Board of the National Autism Association (NAA) stated when discussing the findings. “This study is exactly the type of study that families of vaccine injured individuals living with autism have long requested – a primate study that actually evaluates the shot schedule linked to the autism epidemic.”

Laura C. Hewitson, PhD presented findings at the prestigious International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) in London that included ‘measurable evidence of developmental delays, behavior problems and brain changes that mimic certain neurological abnormalities of autism in the vaccinated monkeys.’ Conducting the study on macaque monkey infants, scientists found evidence of both behavioral and biological changes after the exposed monkeys were administered proportional doses, adjusted for age, of the vaccines recommended between 1994 and 1999. Using standardized tests the team looked at primate development, cognition and social behavior. They also conducted MRI and PET scans to look for brain changes.
Collaborating on this research study is a member of NAA's Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. “Dr. Wakefield has come under attack because he dared evaluate and treat the biomedical needs of autistic children and then report his findings to his peers. He remains a hero in our community and should be knighted not attacked by the British government,” Mr. Bono concluded.

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Another risk factor that there is massive evidence for is high paternal age (34 and beyond). The public is not informed how strong the evidence is for this cause. http://www.schizophreniaforum.org/for/curr/Malaspina/default.asp http://ebdblog.com/paternalage/