Sunday, June 22, 2008

A HypnoBirthing testimonial

Hi Carol:

I want to take a few minutes and share with you that I, like many, had a misconception about hypno-experiences, as the idea of being out of control or susceptible to outer influences was a turn-off. I found that in Yoga classes I had too much mental chatter, for example I would make note list of all of the errands I needed to do; either that, or I would be in the back of the class cutting jokes and not entering “the zone” or finding the opportunity even remotely Zen-like. The other students seemed to find a peace and sense of surrender that I envied.

It was not until preparing to give birth that I came to realize that it is that exact type of experience that would enable me to have the most miraculous day of my entire life! Being alert, receptive, and non-sedated during every moment of the childbirth experience contributed to making my first day as Mom even a greater personal achievement. My husband, right at my side, was my coach (trained partner), and the exercises we had practiced helped us focus, block out pain, and most importantly, keep me calm! My commitment to learning the skills in the classes prepared me for a total drug-free experience; my reward being a brand-new human being that literally crawled across my body in her first minutes. Fully present, I watched her latch right on to the “leche mobile”. It was pure heaven!

There is absolutely nothing that has been a more rewarding/organic experience as the morning my firstborn entered this world. Without the skills that are instructed in HypnoBirthing, I would not have been so sure of my commitment to going totally natural, nor would I have had the discipline to stick with the initial pains of nursing. My surrender to a more healthful, less risky approach was a form of empowerment that has made me a stronger person, and to this day I use the same skills to get through physical pain, as well as to find calm during those days I wish I could just bury my head in the sand. I might need a HypnoLiving course (if there is such a course) soon, as a little refresher, though!

I praise you, Carol, for your gift that you offer the community and am happy to share my story. The money and time is an investment that will be life-altering to many. What a bargain!

Thank you,

Stacey Ross
San Diego Bargain Mama~For Moms Who Love to Find Deals


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Katharine Graves said...

That was an utterly delightful HypnoBirthing story. Many congratulations. HypnoBirthing births are so often calm, gentle and comfortable. I often wish I could convey to a mother the difference it makes before she gives birth. If I could, everyone would do HypnoBirthing.

Katharine Graves
Katharine Graves is a HypnoBirthing teacher in London