Friday, July 4, 2008

VBAC Ban Help

This came across my emails & I thought someone out there might be interested...everyone woman should have the right to be allowed to have a VBAC if that is their choice.

I'm a lawyer with the Northwest Women's Law Center in Seattle. I'm investigating possible legal responses to bans on vaginal birth after cesarean at hospitals in the northwest states – Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon. If you are currently pregnant and want to have a VBAC, but are facing a hospital policy that would require you to have a c-section regardless of whether you want it and it is medically necessary, and are willing to consider working with a lawyer on this, we'd like to talk with you. Please send an email to and we will contact you.
Please forward this email to any list or community where it might be useful.


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Kristin said...

I've honestly never heard of a hospital or provider "banning" a woman from having a VBAC. In fact, I've heard providers encouraging VBAC's rather than repeat C-Sections.

I had 3 C-Sections myself, the first two due to extraordinary circumstances that couldn't be avoided, and the third because I felt that it was too risky to have a VBAC following multiple C-Sections.

I think the most important thing is that women are educated and empowered to make their own decisions regarding how/where they give birth.

Carol, I think your blog is great and a very interesting read.