Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A TV show that might be worth watching

This is a show that was originally aired in the UK as Outlaw Births. I believe it highlights unassisted births. Laura Shanley, the guru of unassisted births, spoke at the Hypnobirthing convention I was recently at. Her belief is that birth is natural, normal & healthy & that is what led her to have her own unassisted births. She showed a few videos of unassisted birth & it was really of the moms spoke to her baby as she was coming out & telling her baby, "You're doing great...keep going...oh! I love you!"

Laura did warn that while the video of the parents & the births are great, the portions of the OBs were not because all they talked about was how dangerous unassisted birth was.

Now, I'm not advocating unassisted births although I do support anyone who decides to go that route. I would encourage you to tape or watch the show & be ready to "cancel, cancel" anything negative that is said or anything regarding "pain". The reason I am encouraging people to watch this is because it is going to be a really great visualization tool for moms/dads-to-be because these parents truly embrace birth being a normal, natural it goes along well with the HypnoBirthing philosophy.

Premieres Tuesday, October 21 at 9 pm

Tune In: Freebirthing

A growing movement of women in the US and in the UK are defying medical advice and choosing to give birth with no drugs, no midwife and absolutely no medical support. Supporters claim it's how having a baby was always meant to be. Doctors say this new 'freebirthing' craze carries great risks. In this program, we chart the stories of three pregnant women who have decided to go against the advice of their doctors and go it alone. With intimate access, we follow the challenges they have to overcome from negative family opinions and medics, to their own fears and through to the eventual and extraordinary births.

Watch the premiere, Tuesday, October 21 at 9 pm on Discovery Health!


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