Monday, December 15, 2008

Great natural birth articles

Here are some great links to articles about pregnancy issues, how chiropractic can help during pregnancy & why home births are on the rise...

From the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) Family Wellness Newsletter
Pregnancy Matters
Induction is Risky:
From Sydney, AU comes a recent study based on 50,000 births concluding that induction of labor leads to risks for both mother and baby.
Read the entire article here:

Pre-term births:
The rise in pre-term births a growing concern--mothers should be more informed of risks.

Home Births on the Rise and in the News Again:
A great article showing the benefits of home birth, the support for home birth in UK Obstetrics and the bias of ACOG and the AMA in the US.

Home Births Recommended in Scotland:

Chiropractic and Pregnancy:
View a great interview with ICPA member, Dr. Caroline Von Fluegge on Fox TV.

Read more about chiropractic care for safer, easier births here:

Read more about natural birthing

Pregnant women should avoid statins:

Six ways to reduce inflammation without statins:

Women who do too much:

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