Sunday, February 1, 2009

Babies know best

HypnoBirthing teaches parents to trust in the birthing process & the readiness of the mom's body & the baby. 42 weeks is the latest most U.S. medical care providers will allow pregnancies to go but in Europe (& sometimes with homebirth midwives in the U.S.), pregnancies are allowed to go until 43 weeks. HypnoBirthing encourages parents to allow birth to happen naturally & to realize that the normal gestational period of a baby is anywhere between 265 & 300 days. As long as the baby & the mom-to-be are healthy, the best place for that baby to be is growing in the safety of the mom's uterus. Here is one story of a couple that chose to allow birth to happen & resisted the pressure of induction.

Hi Sue,

Please find attached a slightly later version of our birth announcement - I'm happy for you to share it with other Mums and Dads. It doesn't really convey the pressure I was under to induce chemically or even to use natural methods to 'interfere' with Zac's timing.

It was really hard not to go on bumpy car rides/ eat pineapples/ have a curry etc., especially when we were being told that we risked Zac's death as a result. However, we really didn't want to intervene at any level and so, it was quite a tense time trying to prove to the rest of the world that Zac knew what the best timing was...

Zac was born at 6:06am on Friday 1st August – 19 days past his due date (he clearly failed to take note of the original project timetable!) Zac weighed 8lb 4oz and was born via a rather rapid home waterbirth. We were asleep in bed when, at 5:20am, it dawned on Isabelle that she might be in labour. Forty-six minutes later, Zac was born… Thankfully, we didn't have to have any medical interventions or pain relief.

We're overjoyed to have been able to give birth at home and are really grateful to everyone who supported us when Zac was defying the medical 'norms' by being so overdue. It wasn't an easy decision to leave Zac to choose his own timing for his arrival, but the payoff for us was having a magical, enjoyable and gentle birth, which we couldn't have had if we'd agreed to an induction of labour.

Shared by Sue McNally, HBCE


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