Monday, May 4, 2009

A HypnoBirthing birth center story

This is the birth story of my class members--Kate & Aaron, who took a group class in January.

Our birth story

12:00 am Sunday March 9th, I woke with some cramping and back pain, but nothing that wasn’t normal to me because it had happened the past few nights. After laying in bed for a few minutes, the sensations continued to come strong and stronger. I decided that I would try a warm shower before calling Aaron home from work.

The shower relieved a lot of what I was feeling, but I was pretty sure this was the real deal. Lying down was the most uncomfortable position for me so I decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood. After walking for a short half hour, I wanted to go home with sensations of having to go to the bathroom! I sat on the toilet on and off for about an hour bringing us to 2:30 am. My surges were consistent and coming on strong. We both thought there is no way that I’m ready to go to the UCSD birth center and I kept saying to Aaron I don’t want to get there and only be 2 cm, so we continued to do what we were doing. I then decided to try the birthing ball. It worked for about 10 minutes until I stood up and my water broke. At this time we knew we needed to get ready to go.

When I arrived, 3:30 am, all I could think about was finding a toilet to sit on! Once we were in the delivery room, my midwife came and said, “Oh, you're just in the beginning of labor. There’s no need to check you just yet. Why don’t you hang out and let me know when you are feeling lots of pressure,” which I already was and had been for the past hour! I told her, “No, I really think you should check me. I’m further along then you think.” When she checked I was already 9 cm! Everyone around was in disbelief. I was so in control and calm that no one believed that I was already 9 cm dilated. In a matter of an hour, I was pushing and within 25 minutes, Noah Patrick was born! 5:37 am he weighed 7.8 pounds and was 19 inches long! We are both loving being parents and are enjoying every minute with out little man!

Carol, thanks so much for teaching such an awesome class! It was the best thing I could have done for my baby and myself. I will recommend your class to everyone!

Kate, Aaron, and Noah

Thanks for allowing me to share your birth story! Congratulations again & enjoy your babymoon!


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