Thursday, March 6, 2008

More about the vax-autism link

(Thank you to Kent Heckenlively for this information)

On Thursday March 6, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. at the U. S. Federal Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Jon Poling, M.D., Ph. D. and his wife Terry, an attorney and nurse, will hold a press conference about the government's recent concession that "vaccines" (not just thimerosal or the MMR shot), "significantly aggravated" their daughter's underlying mitochondrial disorder and led to her diagnosis of autism and seizures. (The seizure part of the equation was conceded on February 22, 2008.)

Later on March 6, Dr. Poling and his wife will be on the Larry King show.

Hannah Poling was normally developing up until her 18 month vaccination and her "mitochondrial disorder" did not appear until after her vaccination. It is well-known that approximately 75% of mitochondrial disorders are caused by medications such as the drug AZT (for AIDS) or toxins. It will be the contention of Dr. Poling and his wife that the vaccines also caused her mitochondrial disorder.The national media is expected to be out in force for the Poling press conference. Kent spoke with a source close to the Polings who told him they were also being interviewed for an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The source told Kent he expects this story to quickly go national.

From what Kent has been told, the government could not have picked a more credible couple to whom to make their first concession. Dr. Poling graduated from Boston University with a masters and undergraduate degree in biology and a GPA of 3.90. He received his M.D. and Ph.D from Georgetown University and did his neurology internship at Johns Hopkins University, Department of Neurology. Hannah's mother, Terry, is an attorney and a nurse.

Let's see how this all unfolds....


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