Friday, August 8, 2008

A HypnoBirthing story

This wonderful birth story is from one of the moms from my classes....enjoy!

Jake Andrew was born on Friday, June 13th, thirteen days early (we think we have a pretty good idea what his lucky number will be!). He weighed 7 lb, 5.3oz, just short of 19.5" long, with a full head of hair! Andy and I couldn't be more happy!!

HypnoBirthing really helped me get through the discomforts of the final weeks of pregnancy, as well as speed up our labor. My water broke at 3 PM on Thursday, June 12th. We were checked into the hospital by 6 PM. I was 1 cm dilated. My doctor came in to check in on me at 7 PM. She indicated that since we were two weeks early and my water had "ruptured", that our labor would be a long one, and she would see us sometime in the late morning. Boy, was she wrong.

Surges became consistent at around 10 PM, with intense surges starting at midnight, I was checked again - still at 1 cm. From midnight to 1:30 AM, surges were extremely intense. At this point I asked for an epidural. Knowing my wishes on our birth plan using HypnoBirthing, both the nursing staff and Andy made sure that this is what I truly wanted. I was checked again - we were now at 7 cm - we had gone from 1 cm to 7 cm in 90 minutes. I credit this progression to everything we learned in HypnoBirthing and our practice. I still wanted the epidural - and it was administered at 3 AM. By 4 AM, I was fully dilated. (If only I could have held on for one more hour!). The decision was made to have the baby move down on its own, since my doctor was at home. I think this worked in my favor because I did not have to "push the baby down". The doctor arrived at about 5:20, and with six surges, Jake was born at 5:42 AM.

Even though I didn't go the full way with HypnoBirthing, I still believe that it was by far one of the best things we did during our pregnancy. Thank you for everything Carol!

Marisa & Andy

P.S. I would recommend that if HypnoBirthing Moms-to-be are having a hospital birth, to request a nurse with experience in natural childbirth. It helped me quite a bit. And just keep visualizing the baby moving down with each contraction, I really think that made our dilation move so quickly.

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