Thursday, April 23, 2009

A quick, easy HypnoBirth

This is a birth story told from a doula & HypnoBirthing practitioner in Florida:

I attended the most wonderful birth yesterday... just shows what is possible even in unfavorable circumstances. This couple is very high strung. Both of them affirmed that they were not good at relaxing. On top of that they chose a hospital that is very unfriendly and a Dr. that is unsupportive and downright nasty. A recipe for disaster in my mind! I really was hesitant to attend this birth but somehow couldn't say no.

Here is how it played out...Mom called me at 7:00 pm to say that labor seemed to be starting. She had surges that were 10 minutes apart but they were light and she would call me when things got rolling. At 10:00 pm, husband called to say surges were 5 minutes apart and could I please come because she doesn't want him near her. Hmm.

I rushed over and found Mom beautifully relaxed and in a great labor pattern. Surges/contractions 4-5 min. apart and strong. She was showing a few of the hallmark of labor signs so I decided we should head to the hospital.

In the car the surges became closer now 2 min. apart. Mom doing great!! We arrived at the hospital to ER where Mom smiled and said can we get up to Labor and Birthing? The nurses asked "Are you a scheduled induction/section?" (She looked way to calm to be in labor). I explained that things were moving quickly and we needed to get up stairs. They ignored us. Didn't believe she was in labor. Too calm! Finally annoyed at my persistance, they had us walk (a really long walk) to the floor.

We were welcomed by the Nurses who again didn't think much was happening. I again give the rundown of the progress and they look at me like I am totally out of my mind..we wait. Mom starts to squat and is strongly breathing baby down. I emphasize again that this baby is coming. We are all calm and decide that squatting in the hall is better than being confined to bed as this hospital requires.

Her membranes release. I tell the nurse. She says I don't see are ok! I tell her Mom is wearing a pad..this baby is coming! We wait. Another nurse gets the message and offers to take us to a room. This is a great nurse who is also a doula and gets it! We get into the room at 11:20pm. She checks Mom and she is complete/fully dilated.

Mom gets on her hands and knees, breathing down. Nurse #2 says you must get on your back for monitoring. Mom says "No", I hold the monitor. Baby sounds great. Mom continues to breathe down. Nurses leave room to get table, supplies and call the Dr. Mom begins to spontaneously bear down. Nurses come back. Baby is crowning. Mom is laughing! Smiling! Says "This is great! This is beautiful! I love this!", as baby is emerging! She eases baby gently out. It is 11:36pm.

We all are smiling and hubby plays "Sweet Caroline" and we all start singing along as we meet sweet baby Caroline. So joyful. So perfect. It was exactly what she wanted! No interventions! No Dr! No pain! INCREDIBLE! It happened so quickly and beautifully, but we did get some video. I am visualizing that this couple lets the Institute have this one. It would make a wonderful training video. Please send some energy towards that happening!

Still smiling,
Vivian Keeler

Thanks, Vivian, for allowing me to share this beautiful story that just goes to show that birth is a normal, natural, healthy event when left alone!


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