Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A HypnoBirthing c-section story

Jennifer & Alessandro took my classes in November 2009 at Babies by the Sea Boutique. Here is their birth story:

Hi Carol,

I hope you are doing well!

Luca finally made it into the world 15 days late! In fact, my water broke and I went into labor on my own on the 23rd of January, shortly after our email conversation. The labor was amazing... we started active labor around 5pm and labored at home for about 9 hours. Around 2am we decided it was time to go to the hospital. The labor continued there where we used a combination of our HypnoBirthing breathing techniques, light touch massage, the birthing ball, the shower and walking the halls to move through it. The whole time I felt very much in harmony with my body and what was taking place.

A slight turn of events took place after about 15 hours when Dr Biter checked me- I was only dialated to about 5 cm and my contractions, while intense, were starting to come further and further apart. This was a bit of a set back as I was really feeling like I was going through transition and thought for sure I was going to be pushing in no time.

At that point we decided to start a small amount of pitocin to see if it would move things along, as we were still trying to achieve a vaginal birth. I was able to dialate to about 9cm, but at that point we had hit the 24 hour mark since my water had been broken and for some reason Luca was not engaging in my pelvis. Dr Biter could actually push Luca's head back inside me, which made us think there was something preventing him from being able to descend properly.

So it was at that point that we decided a c-section would be necessary for Luca to be born in a safe way. We discovered that he did have the cord wrapped several times around his neck, which could have been the reason he was unable to move through the birth canal. Going into this, I never envisioned that I would have a c-section, especially as we went to such great lengths to prepare for a completely different type of birth. But after working through all the possiblities with Dr Biter, we came to peace with the fact that this was how Luca was meant to be born. And we felt good knowing that we had tried everything we could to have the natural birth that we had planned. It was a humbling and surreal experience, but we had amazing people by our side who made all the difference in the world.

So at 4:15 on January 24, Luca was born by cesarian section- a big healthy boy weighing in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and 21.5 inches long. We were so happy to finally meet him and have been on cloud 9 ever since.

And I wanted to thank you for helping us prepare for our birth. Even though it didn't go how we had planned, we still feel like we got to experience an amazing labor and birth, which in the end is what it's all about. I wouldn't change one thing about it and will be going for the VBAC the next time around!

All the best!!


Congratulations on your birth! I'm sorry it didn't go as planned. I'm glad that you were still able to have a positive birth experience using your HypnoBirthing techniques. That's one great thing about HypnoBirthing---even when things don't happen the way that we hope, the techniques can allow the birth experience to still be a positive one. The information learned in HypnoBirthing classes allows parents to know their options, to weigh out whether or not the medical interventions being suggested are truly medically necessary or are being suggested to "move things along". Sometimes we can have our idea of the "perfect" birth, but our babies know they need something different. In Luca's case, it seems he knew it was best for him to arrive via c-section.

Take care & enjoy your babymoon! Thanks for allowing me to share your story.


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