Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Are Essential Oils Safe to Ingest?

Here's what my friend, Dr Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, says about the topic:

Whenever people reach out to me online and tell me that ingesting essential oils is dangerous and should never be done, I be like 🙄.

I like to ask them if they have ever had a peppermint candy? Chewed a stick of cinnamon gum? Had one of those white Life Savers? Because if you have, you have ingested essential oils.

Do yourself a favor: Google “FDA GRAS” and find a list of more than two dozen essential oils that the Food and Drug Administration Generally Recognized as Safe for Human Consumption, and send the haters away.

Or just go here and read up on what the FDA says about the topic.

If you're going to ingest oils, be sure to use Young Living's Vitality line. They're the only line of oils that actually follows the FDA's requirement to label ONE usage (either dietary/ingestible OR aromatic/topical).

To learn more, visit Carol's website here.

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