Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another testimonial for HypnoBirthing

This is a testimonial that I just received from a HypnoBirthing mom. She is the mother of 4 children & used HypnoBirthing for her 4th birth.

I delivered my last two babies at home with a midwife, and used HypnoBirthing with my 4th & last birth in November of 2006. It was an amazing, quick, beautiful childbirth; what I wish for every woman. I'm so grateful, as I had a lifelong fear of childbirth, even after having several children naturally. My son's birth healed that fear, and gave me so much confidence that visualization, positive thinking, and affirmations do make a difference.

I had given birth to three children already. One with a midwife, at home, before learning about HypnoBirthing, so I assumed I wouldn't learn anything that I didn't already know. On the contrary, I was surprised to learn about a different approach to birth. I especially benefited from the focus on breathing my baby down and out, rather than the strenuous pushing that I believed delivered a baby. Throughout my pregnancy, I walked almost everyday, and I used that daily walk as a meditation time. I would talk to my baby, and visualize my ideal birth, affirming that I would have a gentle, easy childbirth. When the moment finally arrived, and I knew I was in labor, I climbed in my bathtub and rode the contractions by repeating the affirmations I learned from HypnoBirthing, such as, "I am opening up to receive my baby." My midwife arrived 20 minutes later, and my son was born 20 minutes after that.

I think there is a stigma around modern childbirth in the Western world, a view of birth as a traumatic, or even violent event. It's becoming accepted that a natural childbirth is an anomaly---why even bother when you can get an epidural? I had an epidural with my first birth, which occurred in a major Atlanta hospital. So I've experienced the whole gamut of births: a standard hospital birth, with an epidural, an IV, & an episiotomy. I've had a natural birth in a small hospital, here in Montana, which was a completely different experience; no episiotomy, no IV, much more personal. Then I've had two natural births with a midwife. I can say that my recoveries after my natural births were 100 times easier than after my birth with an epidural. While, yes, I didn't feel anything while I delivered my baby with an epidural, I also had to get an episiotomy because I coudn't feel anything while I delivered my baby, which made for a much more painful recovery. There are tradeoffs for everything. As a 4th time parent, my HypnoBirth was actually so quick and (relatively) painless that I was actually a bit sad when it was over, as I knew it was my last birth.~Karly, 4th time parent, founder of


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