Sunday, January 13, 2008

The beautiful side of birth

This is a video of a woman birthing at home & singing while having contractions/surges. It is amazing...what a wonderful thing to see. Her voice is beautiful...what a gift she is giving to her unborn baby...the peacefulness, tranquility, the loving kindness. That's what birth is all about! Giving your unborn baby the gift of endorphins...the gift of a peaceful, calm birth.

For those pregnant moms watching it, visualize yourself being this calm, so peaceful. If you don't sing, you can hum or rock back & forth or listen to calming music...whatever brings you that sense of calmness during your contractions/surges. The more relaxed you are during your contractions/surges, the better your body & uterus will be able to do the work for you instead of against you & therefore, you'll feel less discomfort.

Enjoy! Please forward this to anyone you know who is pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant so they can see how amazing birth can be.


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