Sunday, January 11, 2009

What birth should look like

Orgasmic birth...sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well, the reality is, if you're relaxed during birth instead of tense & fearful, your body can really enjoy birth! Sometimes even have an orgasm!

20/20 recently highlighted the documentary, Orgasmic Birth, on their show about extreme mothering. Here is the link to the clip:
I think every pregnant woman...heck...every woman & teenaged girl...should watch this video! If more women saw that birth could be like this, they might experience birth in a more peaceful way, which in turn means a more peaceful journey for that little baby. This isn't just for hippie, granola, tree-hugger types...this is what every woman needs to see! Women need to regain trust in their body & the birthing process instead of handing it over to someone else. Women need to question why the c-section rate is so high in the U.S. when we're supposed to be the most "advanced"...birth has become highly medicalized here in the U.S. & it's become quite a money-making industry. When the reality is, birth is a natural process & if left alone, can happen quite naturally & normally without all the interventions that most people think are "necessary".

The woman that is interviewed at the end uses hypnosis (probably HypnoBirthing or another hypnosis for childbirth education class) to teach her how to get her body to remain calm & also to release any fears she has. I love that HypnoBirthing teaches women the physiological process of birth & why it doesn't necessarily have to be a horribly painful experience. It teaches techniques to use during birth not to mask the pain, but to relax the body so the body can birth the baby without the interference of tense muscles, which is what causes the pain. It also helps them learn how to release their conscious & unconscious fears about birth & becoming a parent. All of these things help prepare her (& her partner) to go into the birthing experience more prepared & in control. This leads to calmer moms & calmer babies. Go to for more information &/or to find a practitioner near you. If you're in the San Diego area, contact me to find out about my classes.

So, I encourage people to share this link with their girlfriends, spouses, family members, daughters, etc. so more people can be exposed to the fact that if a woman's body remains calm & relaxed instead of tense, birth can really be more than just manageable, it can be a beautiful, enjoyable experience!


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